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The History of Fat Cat Computers

Fat Cat Computers was founded in 1998 and is the 2nd longest operating comuter repair service center in Harrisonburg. We provided repair services, parts replacements, and sales. We even did computer shows.

After a few years, Fat Cat Computers was sold and continued to provide services as mentioned above. But this time, with the new owner, the level of service increased to offer component level repairs.

Fat Cat Computers was again sold and resumed operations for several years. With reduced rates and maintaining the current expert service, Fat Cat remained a viable solution for IT needs.

In 2017 Fat Cat Computers was purchased again but this time, something special happened. For the first time, ComStar Computers & Consulting combined forces and brought back Jason C. Kubin, Fat Cat's Previous Lead Tech from 2005-2010. Jason was very well known for bringing the level of customer service and IT services to a new level annd securing Fat Cat's best era of customer satisfaction.

This time around, Jason takes the reins and operates Fat Cat Computers in a way that has not yet been seen in Fat Cat Computers long history. Now, with his H.I.S.S. policy (Honesty, Integrity, Service, Satisfaction) Fat Cat's is taking the areas IT industry by storm.

Fat Cat Computers still offers comprehensive solutions to any IT need, and now offers the best prices for parts and equipment sales. On top of that, Fat Cat Computers now features Websites and Custom PC builds by ComStar. Mr. Kubin also offers new services such as Cell Phone / Tablet repairs. And coming soon, Cell service and Xfinity service.

Fat Cat and ComStar Computers, your 1 stop no nonsense IT service center where we're not #1, YOU ARE!!!


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