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Fat Cat Rewards Program

We would like to say thank you to our clients and customers. Starting July 1st, we will be launching our Rewards program. The way it works is by shopping with us or having repair services done, you earn points that are redeemable for merchandise and discounts. Below is a chart that tells you how much you can earn and what you can reddem your reward points for.

You can check your points earned by navigating to your account. You will see your point balance in your client records as well as points redeemed and for what.

How To Earn Points

For every $10 you spend
1 Point
Wipe and Reloads (Windows Installations)
9 Points
Virus Removals
4 Points
Data Backups
2 Points
Data Recovery
4 Points
Tune Ups
3 Points
Digital Convergence (Transferring Video from Tape to DVD)
3 Points
Password Recovery
3 Points
Website Design
7-20 Points

What You Can Redeem Your Points For

Cost In Points
5% Discount 3 Points
10% Discount 6 Points
MP3 Player 10 Points
Mouse 5 Points
Free Tune-up 15 Points
$100 Store Credit 89 Points
$75 Store Credit 62 Points
$50 Store Credit 44 Points
$25 Store Credit 22 Points

*Point values subject to change

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