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Fat Cat Computers Services & Rates

At Fat Cat Computers, we do things differently. First we do a FREE assessment with you during intake. We will examine your equipment and preform a preliminary diagnostic (free) and explain what we believe may be the issue.

If you decide to have us investigate further, we will do the intake which includes setting up a customer archive record that you can access online via our Repair Status Check-up service.

Next, we will begin a comprehensive diagnostics (if you prefer to be present, there is a fee of $25 for exclusive VIP service where we drop everything and focus on you. If you prefer to leave the equipment, there is no fee other than the diagnostic fee.)

After diagnostics are complete, we call you or if you requested the VIP service, we go over the findings in person. We discuss what the problems appear to be, the method of corrective measures, and estimate of repair cost.

If you decide to not have repairs completed, you owe nothing more. However, if you decide to have repairs completed, your diagnostic fee that you paid (not including VIP fee) will be credited to your account and the balance will be due upon pickup.

When your repairs are complete, we will have a consultation visit with you to explain what we did, how to reduce the risk of repeat issues, and disclose any other potential issues that we may have discovered as well as what you can do to limit or reduce them.


Service Description Cost
General In Shop Labor Some jobs can not be covered under our flat rate policy. For these types of jobs we have a limited hourly labor rate. We will cap all labor at 2 hours. Regardless of how long the job may require to be completed properly, you will never pay for more than 2 hours. $45.00
Parts Installation Quality expert part installations.



Windows Installation Install Windows, Antivirus and 3rd Party Software, Drivers, and System Updates $85.00
Virus Removal Detect and remove malicious software $50.00
PC Tune-ups Optimize PC, Clean up orphan files, defragment hard disk drives, speed up networking and internet connections, optimize system startup $35.00
Website Design Custom create a website tailored to your needs including e-commerce

Starting at:


Website Hosting Hosting your website on ComStar's Web Server. Features Email Addresses, Forum Software, Cart Software, FTP Access

$5 per month

$50 per year

QR Code Creation qr code Create a scanable QR Code like this one that either points to a website, or displays text when scanned with a smart phone or tablet. $10.00
On-Site Service Fat Cat Computers will come to you. With our portable Service Center in a Bag, we will come diagnose and solve virtually any issue.

$85 per hour

1 hour minimum. One way travel.

Off Site File Storage Unlimited storage space accessible via FTP $50 per month
Residential/Commercial Computer Tech Support Insurance For one low monthly rate, you will be covered. If you need us to come out and provide IT services, you will pay nothing for labor. You will only pay for parts. We have several payment plans to meet any budget. Contact Us For Rates Based Upon Your Needs
Data Recovery Have a broken computer but need the data from the hard drive? We have you covered. We will recover your files and store them to your choice of media.

Recovery service: $45

Plus cost of media

Diagnostics We will diagnose your issues and provide you with a complete report including what is wrong, what caused it, the route of repairs, projected cost of repairs, and tips on how to reduce the chances of repeat issues. If you choose to have the repairs performed, the diagnostic fee will be credited to your account and deducted from your final invoice. Diagnostic fee due at time of drop off.


Temporarily Waived Unless We HAve To Open Your Machine



10am - 6pm


12pm - 4pm

Closed Sundays

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