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Repair Status Check-up

Do you have a computer or other equipment in for service? Here is an easy way to check up on the status of your work. With our Repair Status Check-up service, you can do any of the following:

  • Check on the status of your equipment service
  • Access past records of work done
  • Obtain copies of invoices from past transaction

To access your records, simply click on your name. You will be prompted for a username and password. Simply use your Last Name and First Initial for your username (in lower case). Then use your telephone number that you supplied when you dropped off your equipment or made your purchase, for the password.

**Note: If you are a business owner, use your Customer ID number for your username

Username: doej

Password: 5401234567

NOTE: If you can not access your account, please call 540.801.0681 for assistance.

Client Records

Aaron Bare

Adriana Yurko

Adrianne Berry

Al Saufley

Alice Bazzle

Amy Brooks

Angel Tucker

Anne Lang

Anita Cave

Arias Barahona

Arthur Lock

Angela Buglione

Barbara Morris

Becky Puffenbarger

Berlinda Hughes

Bethanne Ruiz

Bob Buckwalter

Bob Spilman

Bob Thall

Bo Moats

Bruce Bushings

Bruce Gray

Bruce Shank

Carolyn Lam

Charles Pascale

Chuck Bolyard


Clint Phegley

Collins & Collins

Corey Reedy

David Harrison

Dan Macgill

Dannel Cabrera

Danny Congdon

Debra Magai

Dennis Driver

Deirdre Tiernan

Devan Eldred

Don Mussleman

Diana Adams

Dianne McIntyre

Don Bowden

Don Kuhns

Don Nelson

Donald Gayan

Doug Beale

Dzenad Korjenic

Evelyn Shull

Gaylen Knighten

George Drumheller

Harrisonburg Childrens Museum

Howard Jeffries

Helen Bruce

Ira Becks

Ian Graham

Ivan Stadler

James Ketler

James Stephenson

James Williams

Jamie Jones

Jean Boutot

Jenny Ownes

Jerry Cantor

Jessica Price

Jesus Durand

Jerry Gildner

Joan Phillips

Joann Henderson

Joaquin Peralta

Joe Opala

Jon Morford

Jonathan Hill

Jonathon Martin

John Martin

John Wesley

Jose Rivera

Josh Dove

Karen Musselman

Karen Self

Karol Messick

Kathleen Stoehr

Kathy Bridges

Katie Dalton

Katrina James

Katrina Sager

Keith Ebeltoft

Kim Leach

Kim Motsinger

Kip Jenkins

Krstina Swecker

Landon Driver

Larry Huffman

Less Felter

Lester Nieto

Linda Freeman

Linda Fulk

Linda Gildner

Linda Yates

Linda Smith

Lois Paul

Matt Rowe

Marcellina Hamilton

Marcus Kline

Maurice Naranjo

Michael Haines

Misty Blue

Melody Barger

Melody Priest

Milton Heatwole

Mona Sullivan

Nakia Lucas

Nancy Hay

Neil Curtis

Neil Garrison

Nora Armstrong

Olive Critzer

Pam Dunn

Pam Mills

Pat Roberts

Patrick Robertson

Patricia Moran

Paul Cho

Paul Clamp

Paul Murphy

Pedro Luna

Peggy Foltz

Phat Thapa

Phoebe Davis

Randy Hilton

Randy Humphrey

Raymond Kite

Renee Beachy

Richard Brown

Richard Weese

Rick Showalter

Robert Jackson

Robert Kilkus

Robert Roach

Rosemary Nicholson

Rod Helbert

Ruth Green

Ruth Reid

Sarah Henninger

Sheila Varner

Shelby Custer

Seymour Paul

Shirley Monglold

Skylar Bowman

Stephanie Bolyard

Stewart Smith

Susan Phillips

Susan Pleasant

Sylvia Scott

Tamala Gilardi

Teri Jacobsen

Terrence Fuller

Terrence Hearen

Tom Domonoske

Tom Metroka

Tony Pinneri

Total Technology Management

Universal of Harrisonburg

Uriel Lopez

Vicki Whetsel

Walt Graham

Walter Zimmerman

William Summerfield

William Whetzel

Winston Harmon

Wes McHone


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